Academic & Life coaching

Villars-sur-Ollon (Chesières)

Academic coaching

Academic coaching provides adolescents and adults with active support to cope more efficiently with the demands of their studies and/or training. It helps them recognise and manage their own resources in order to increase motivation and success.

This type of support can be used to help students in a variety of situations such as:

  • Coping with academic work-load
  • Managing time and ressources
  • Overcoming anxiety and stress caused by academic demands
  • Completing mid and long-term projects such as coursework, dissertations and research
  • Revising efficiently for exams
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Life Coaching

This active one-to-one approach involves working towards success in specific personals goals. By examining the current situation and the desired change, the person learns to make better use of their personal and external resources so as to achieve objectives, whilst taking into consideration needs and other engagements.

Although my Life Coaching approach is based on Coaching Psychology theories, it differs to counselling or therapy in that it focuses on specific goals, is used over a relatively short period of time and concentrates on achieving future results rather than analysing past experiences.

Life coaching helps improve your quality of life according to your beliefs and values in a very pragmatic manner. It enables you to stretch your abilities and make use of hidden talents.

Life coaching can be used in a variety of areas such as health and well-being, weight-loss, exams, organisation, self-confidence, starting a business, dealing with difficult work situations to name but a few.

An initial consultation can be arranged in order to evaluate whether life coaching can help you.

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